The links below are packed with useful Biblical information.
Of course we do not agree with everything on these sites,
but we do agree with much of it. The Bible is always the final judge!


Baptist Links | King James Bible
Science & The Bible | False Doctrines
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Sound Baptist Links: Lots of doctrinally sound lessons and tracts mostly by Pastor E. L. Bynum.

Rodgers Baptist Sermons: Good text sermons mostly by Pastor Ron Thomas.

Fundamental Baptist Institute: Lots of books and articles by various authors.

Jesus is Lord: Mega-site packed with great information.

Wholesome Words: Mega-site with Christian biographies, doctrinal resources, and missions info.

Dial the Truth: Very good site with info on Bible versions, Bible prophecy, Christian rock music, etc.

The Baptist Pillar: Excellent and doctrinally sound site!

Jesus is Savior: Many Biblical articles.

Herb Evans' Web Site: Articles by Bro. Herb Evans.

Wilderness Cry: Dr. David Marlett's great site with a lot of books and articles.

Bible Truth: Cooper Abrams' excellent Web Site.

Floyd Jones Ministries: Numerous mp3 audios on many topics.

Way of Life: Mega-site on a multitude of topics.

Priceless Woman A Baptist site with a feminine touch.

King James Bible Defence:

King James Bible Page: Loads of information defending the KJV.

Dean Burgon Society: KJV defence group.

Science & Creationism:

Institute for Creation Research: The premier creationism site founded by the late Dr. Henry M. Morris.

Christian Geology: Various articles on geology, science and creation.

Creation Science Evangelism: Dr. Kent Hovind's creation science site.

Creation Evidence Museum: Dr Carl Baugh is devoted to providing the evidences for God's creation.

False Doctrine Watch:

Watchman Fellowship: Outstanding cult watch dog.

Study to Answer.Net: Timothy Dunkin's great site on Catholicism, Islam, Evolution, etc.

Biblical Discernment Ministries: Exposing error in Christendom.

Islamic-Peace: Exposing the error of Islam.

Bible Prophecy:

Prophecy in the News: Dr. Jerry Church's Bible prophecy site.

The Cutting Edge: End time prophecy site.

Preaching & Teaching Video:

Central Baptist Church, Pastor B. G. Buchanan: Bible Preaching

Landmark Baptist Church, Pastor Mickey Carter: Bible Preaching: KJV, Revelation, etc.